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FCMH Physician Practices Portal

Powerful Patient Access to Healthcare Resources

In our everyday lives, we depend on the Internet to facilitate countless tasks and activities. We pay bills online. We shop online. We research online. We communicate with one another online. At Fayette County Memorial Hospital, we can now bring that same level of on-demand convenience and access to our patients' healthcare.

The FCMH Physician Practices portal offers you a convenient, secure way to access your information through self-service online tools. Now, with internet access, our patients can perform various tasks themselves that in the past were only possible with the help of healthcare administrators.

Patients are now able:

  • To view lab results
  • To view medication lists
  • To view vitals
  • Review medical history/conditions
  • Request a new appointment
  • Send/receive messages to a provider
  • Request a medication refill
  • Change their pharmacy preference
  • See account information and pay their bill online
  • View past and upcoming appointments

Powerful, 24/7 Access to Your Healthcare

Gone are the days where you may have a question or concern about your healthcare—but dreaded being directed through a maze of phone calls and transfers to get the information you need. The FCMH Physician Practices empowers you, the patient, to take a more active and engaged roll in your own healthcare and better take advantage of the many services and resources we offer.

To access the FCMH Physician Practices portal, click on the Follow My Health icon below:

My Health Chart