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At Fayette County Memorial Hospital, we understand that health care costs are a serious concern for many of our patients and their loved ones. While we accept various health care coverage plans, we also offer various financial services and patient payment alternatives for patients who have concerns about paying their hospital bill.

Patient Payment Alternatives

If you have insurance, Fayette County Memorial Hospital bills your insurance carrier according to information provided at registration. Any balances left after your insurance company pays the hospital are your responsibility. Learn more in our Patient Payment Alternatives brochure.

When paying any balance, you have the following options:

  • Payment in Full
    • You can make payment through the following means:
      • Cash
      • Personal Check
      • Money Order
      • VISA, Master Card, Discover Card, (Debit or Credit)
  • Send payments or make inquiries to:
    • Fayette County Memorial Hospital
    • Patient Accounting
    • 1430 Columbus Avenue
    • Washington Court House, OH 43160
      • *Prompt Payment Incentive for uninsured patients, if payment is received within 14 days, FCMH will reduce the balance by 20%.
  • H.E.L.P. Patient Loans
    • The HELP Patient Loan Program offers patients attractive payment options:
    • Guaranteed Line of Credit
      If you have a source of income, you are automatically qualified.
    • Affordable Payments
      Manageable monthly payments up to a 25-month term.
    • No Pre-Payment Penalties
      You can always make double payments or pay-off your account early without interest or other penalties attached.
    • Future Hospital Bills
      As future hospital bills arise, you can simply add them to your time payment account.
    • Easy Enrollment
      You will not be subject to a formal credit check. For most people, if you have a source of income…YOU QUALIFY!
  • 90-Day Interest-Free Loan
    • FCMH offers an in-house payment plan which is interest-free if paid within 90 days. Call a financial counselor today to take advantage of one of our loan programs.
  • Hospital Care Assistance Program (HCAP)
    • If your annual income is below the National Poverty Guidelines, Fayette County Memorial Hospital has a program that can help.
  • 2020 Annual Federal Poverty Guidelines

    Family Size Income Guidelines

    For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,480 for each additional person.

    • 1
    • $12,760
    • 2
    • $17,240
    • 3
    • $21,720
    • 4
    • $26,200
    • 5
    • $30,680
    • 6
    • $35,160
    • 7
    • $39,640
    • 8
    • $44,120

    For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,320 for each additional person.

  • Community Financial Assistance Program (CFA)
    • Fayette County Memorial Hospital believes that a discount should be offered to all patients whose adjusted household income is equal to or less than 300% of the Federal Poverty guidelines.
    • Eligibility for CFA will be as follows:
      • Determination of qualification for other programs such as Medicaid or HCAP
      • Determination of liquid assets
      • Determination of adjusted household income is equal to or less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

Alternative Payment Options FAQ

1. How do I apply for the HCAP or CFA?

Your first step should be to contact one of our financial counselors. At that time, the counselor will be able to review with you the required information needed for completion of your application.

2. What if I still cannot afford the balance of the claim after the CFA discount?

A payment plan may be set up for the remainder of the balance on the claim.

3. Can I also apply to the HCAP or CFA program for claims that are currently in Bad Debt?

Depending on the age of the account, the financial counselor will be able to assist you with these time frames.

4. What information is required for the application process?

  • One Bank Statement (CFA only)
  • Three (3) months income prior to date of service

Contact Information

  • FCMH Operator: (740) 335-1210
  • Financial Counselor, Brenda: (740) 333-2730
  • Financial Counselor, Shay: (740) 333-3154
  • HELP Financial: (800) 752-9613
  • Billing Department: (740) 333-2725
  • Social Services: (740) 333-2945
  • Ohio Dept. of Job & Family Services: (740) 335-0350

If you have more question about financial services at Fayette County Memorial Hospital, we're ready to speak with you and provide answers. Call (740) 333-2730 today.