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Nuclear Medicine

Advanced Diagnostics at Fayette County Memorial Hospital

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Nuclear medicine imaging (also called radionuclide scanning) is an excellent diagnostic tool because it shows not only the anatomy (structure) of an organ or body part but the function of the organ as well. While nuclear medicine images may show less detail (spatial resolution) than other types of imaging, the functional information they provide can be valuable (and in some cases, may not be available from other types of imaging). Nuclear medicine is used mainly to allow visualization of organs and regions within organs that cannot be seen on conventional x-ray images.

Nuclear medicine can show the function of a variety of organs and body parts to diagnose a number of medical conditions including:

  • Abdomen ~ to check for gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Brain ~ to look for tumors or aneurysms (blood vessel disease) or evaluate stroke
  • Blood ~ to test for various blood cell disorders
  • Breast ~ to image breast cancers
  • Hepatobiliary system ~ to check gallbladder and bile duct function
  • Heart ~ to look for coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, valve disease or heart attack; to detect heart transplant rejection; check the effectiveness of bypass surgery; to select patients for angioplasty or bypass surgery
  • Kidneys ~ to check renal function; to detect renal tumors; to test for renal transplant rejection
  • Liver/spleen ~ to check for cirrhosis or metastatic cancer
  • Lung ~ to check for pulmonary embolism (blood clot), check for lung transplant rejection or test for smoke inhalation injury in burn patients
  • Lymphatic system ~ to detect if cancer has spread to the lymph nodes
  • Skeletal system ~ to check for metastatic cancer or to test for hidden bone trauma in sports injuries
  • Stomach ~ to check for stomach function and to confirm ulcers or cancer
  • Thyroid and parathyroid ~ to check for tumor or abnormal function

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