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Our Services

Trusted Care from Fayette County Memorial Hospital

For nearly 70 years, Fayette County Memorial Hospital has been Ohioans' trusted source of dedicated medical care and health services. Over that time, we have grown our facility into a modern healthcare resource staffed by skilled, compassionate staff and equipped with innovative, state-of-the-art technology. If you are interested in learning more about our services—or you have a question about an upcoming appointment with us—we're ready to hear from you. Call (740) 335-1210 today!

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

As the medical field has advanced over the years, Fayette County Memorial Hospital has made every effort to stay on the forefront of new capabilities, treatments, and medical understanding. That is how we are able to offer our patients an array of different medical services at our facilities with latest diagnostic techniques and modern technologies.

Your Premier Health & Wellness Provider

At Fayette County Memorial Hospital, our mission is to improve the health of not only our patients but of our community by offering high-quality care and education. Those principles were established in 1950 and we continue to be guided by them today. From routine screenings and immunizations to emergency services and advanced treatment options, Fayette County Memorial Hospital is ready to partner with you and loved ones and do what we can to help you thrive!

Have questions about our services? Our facilities? Our staff? Contact our friendly staff at Fayette County Memorial Hospital today!