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FCMH Foundation Board Members

About Our Foundation Leadership at Fayette County Memorial Hospital

Our FCMH Foundation is only as strong and effective as the people who lead it. At Fayette County Memorial Hospital, we are fortunate to have our foundation led by a group of dedicated individuals who not only care about the hospital and its resources but about the residents of Fayette County and their well-being as well. Every year, our Board of Directors—which includes not only medical professionals but other distinguished members of our community—ensures that our hospital receives the funding and support it needs to provide vigilant, effective, and compassionate care to our patients.

Our FCMH Foundation Board of Directors responsibilities include community outreach, hosting special events, and managing and properly allocating gifts that our hospital receives.

Foundation Board Members

Shannon Jacobs

Norma K. Kirby, PhD

Ronald D. Ratliff

Foundation Directors

  • Vanessa L. Blevins
  • Gary Butts
  • Andrew Daniels
  • Mike Diener
  • William T. Junk, Esq.
  • Ty Kelley
  • Shirley Pettit
  • Trevor Patton
  • Kim Pittser
  • Whitney Gentry- Executive Director
  • Beth Rinehart- Foundation Coordinator

Need more information about our FCMH Foundation or its leadership? Contact our team at 740.333.2710 today to speak with us.