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About Fayette County Memorial Hospital

A Tradition of Caring

historic photoFayette County Memorial Hospital’s tradition of caring began in 1944 with a small group of civic minded individuals who sought to provide the community with a modern, well equipped hospital. As a result of their dedication, Memorial Hospital, named in honor of the county’s servicemen and women of all wars, opened its doors on May 8, 1950. For seven decades, FCMH has been a part of this community. We understand the importance good health plays in your life and we continually strive to provide you with the most advanced health care to help you enjoy life to the fullest.

Today, FCMH is proud to remain a county owned, non-profit hospital governed by a Board of Trustees selected by the Fayette County Commissioners, The Common Pleas Judge and Probate Judge.

Dedication of the hospital May 7, 1950FCMH’s tradition of providing compassionate care continues to help thousands of people every year. FCMH has grown in size and services, yet retained the gentle, personal touch that is our heritage. The FCMH Team is made up of over 300 highly skilled, compassionate health care professionals who never forget the healing power of human touch. Over the years, we have added new medical specialties, equipment, technology, facilities and staff to continue to provide quality patient care and to meet the changing needs of healthcare and our patients.

The FCMH Team thanks you for visiting our website. We look forward to continued growth in the future thanks to the support of those we have the privilege of serving.