Sleep Lab

Welcome to the FCMH Sleep Lab

Sleep LabThe Sleep Laboratory at Fayette County Memorial Hospital offers comprehensive sleep disorder services with a board certified sleep physician. The program offers consultations and follow-up services and is designed for patients 12 years and older.

Common Disorders and Treatment

The Sleep Lab at FCMH is able to diagnose a variety of sleep disorders including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia and restless leg syndrome. Sleep apnea is the most frequently occurring disorder involving the collapse of the airway during sleep, causing snoring and cessation of breathing. Sleep apnea can contribute to a number of serious health risks such as hypertension, obesity, heart attack, diabetes and stroke.

What is a Sleep Study?

A sleep study is a medical test performed while you sleep at night. This test is used to evaluate and diagnose a sleep disorder. Sleep Studies are safe and noninvasive procedures that provide valuable information to your physician. Sleep studies are a covered benefit under most insurance plans. Our staff will contact your insurance company and arrange for payment.

Sleep Studies are done on an outpatient basis, so you will not be admitted to the hospital. You will have a private room with a television. The process will begin with some paperwork and health questionnaires that aid in your diagnosis and treatment. After the paperwork is completed, you will be asked to change into your sleep attire.

Before the sleep study begins, the sleep technician will apply several monitors to your body that record information while you sleep.

The setup includes 22 sensors applied to your head, face, shoulders, chest and legs and record brain activity, breathing, heart rate, blood-oxygen levels and chin, eye and leg movements. This setup is painless and you may watch television or read during the procedure.

Results of your sleep study will be reviewed by our sleep specialist, Dr. Pickering. If you have any questions regarding the sleep study, please call(740) 335-4733 we will be happy to be of assistance.

Why Use the Sleep Lab?

• Prompt testing with fast, accurate results
• Cutting-edge patient follow- up program
• Safe environment with patient suites featuring comfortable, full-size beds and TV/DVD
• Climate/sound controlled
• Most insurances accepted
• Excellent customer service
• Convenient hours