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2012 Platinum AchievementPurpose and Vision

Employee Health and Wellness strives to reduce presenteeism and absenteeism, lower health care costs, decrease workers compensation claims, avoid vaccine preventable disease and maintain healthy productive employees.


Employee Health and Wellness is located adjacent to the West Emergency Department.

Service Hours

Employee Health and Wellness (EHW) is open 7 am – 3 pm, Monday through Friday, closed on weekends and major holidays. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome. Appointments are preferred for services other than injuries and exposures. After hour appointments are available upon request.

After Hours

After hours care is provided in the FCMH Emergency Department only when EMERGENCY care is needed. The Nursing Supervisor manages the accident reporting process and drug and alcohol testing. All incidents are scheduled for evaluation with Employee Health and Wellness on the next available business day.


All healthcare personnel with direct patient care must provide proof of immunity to Hepatitis B, Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, Rubella (German Measles), and Varicella to reduce the risk of vaccine preventable disease among patients and staff prior to beginning direct patient care. If proof of immunity cannot be provided, a blood draw and serology status will be provided for the employee, complements of FCMH. Any vaccines that are needed post serology are provided free of charge to the employee. Compliance with immunizations is required as part of the new hire medical clearance process. All employees are offered the TDAP and Influenza free of charge.

Tuberculin Skin Testing

New hire baseline testing is performed for healthcare personnel with direct contact to potential TB cases or TB specimens. Annual testing is provided for FCMH physicians, FCMH employees and Medical Staff who provide direct patient care. Testing is conducted via department monthly rotation. Tuberculin skin testing is also provided as needed during unprotected exposure to M. tuberculosis. Employees who are not health care personnel working in direct patient care positions are not subjected to annual tuberculin skin testing.

Respiratory Mask Fit Testing

Health care personnel who are at risk for exposure to respiratory biological hazards (bacteria, fungi, or other living organisms) that can cause acute and chronic conditions if inhaled, i.e. M. tuberculosis or N. meningitidis, will be fit tested upon new hire and each year via department monthly rotation as defined by CFR 1910.134. N95 respirator masks will be provided by FCMH as necessary to protect the health of employees at risk. Employee fit testing appointments are scheduled in Business Health Services. Required employees who cannot fit to an N95 mask are certified in the use of a Powered Air Purifying Respirator(PAPR). The PAPR training is exempt from annual re-certification.

Injury, Exposure, and Illness


It is mandatory to report accidents and exposures by the end of the working shift to the Employee Health and Wellness Director and the Department Manager.

Required Forms:

Accident Investigation Report
Exposure Report
Employee Health and Wellness (EHW)

EHW provides treatment, follow-up, referrals and emergency care for job related injuries and illnesses. The Employee Health Director acts as the gatekeeper for health services, return to work strategies, and case management. Your injury may be medically managed under Employee Health and/or under the BWC $15,000 Medical Only Program as your individual need requires. You have two years from the date of injury to file a BWC claim. FCMH provides medical evaluation and treatment, even if you choose not to file a claim.

Business Health Services (BHS)

BHS is our Employee Health and BWC 15K Preferred Provider. BHS treats our injured workers and bills according to our 15K Medical Only BWC Program. BHS Office Hours: M-F 8 am -4 pm. Follow up visits may be scheduled from 8:00 am to 11:45 am and from 1:00 pm through 4:00 pm. The office is closed on major holidays.

15K Program

BWC injuries are on file at the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation and our Managed Care Organization (MCO), Vantage Ohio Health Plan. You will receive a BWC claim number. However, the Fayette County Memorial Hospital will manage your claim, pay medical, and pharmacy bills up to $15,000. If a claim exceeds 15K or FCMH opts out of the program, our MCO pays the bills and the BWC takes over management of your claim.

Transitional Work

Transitional work is an interim step in the physical recovery and conditioning of an employee with activity restrictions. Transitional work represents an opportunity for the Fayette County Memorial Hospital to maintain a safe and productive place of employment for employees with restrictions, while reducing disability costs related to wage replacement benefits, lost productivity, and unnecessary lost time.

Transitional work includes any job, task, function, or combination of tasks or functions and therapeutic activities that an employee with work restrictions may safely perform and without risk of re-injury. Employees will be paid at their regular wage to work transitional assignments within their activity restrictions. The time parameter on the transitional work program is 8 weeks or less.

Working Well Program

A voluntary wellness program that offers incentives to employees who take steps to make healthy choices and become educated healthcare consumers for themselves and their families. We gather information that you provide voluntarily or allow to be released. Personal health data collected by way of Personal Wellness Profile and biometric screenings is protected by HIPPA laws. Incentives are based upon ones ability to reduce their health risks.

The following program requirements must be complete by December 31, annually.

• Personal Wellness Profile (PWP): http://www.workforcehealth.com 75 question health risk assessment
• Biometric Testing: lipid profile, glucose, PSA for men, A1C for diabetics, blood pressure, weight, waist girth and body fat percentage.

The PWP is a 75-question, multiple choice, health risk assessment. Click on the link above. Enter fayette2011 for the passcode and take the assessment! Be sure to click Finish to save any data completed.

Department Directors will allow sufficient time to use department computers to complete the PWP or contact Information Services to access the MAB1 Computer Room. Check out the PWP online resources “Online Library,” “My Wellness Plan,” and personal “Trend Report” for more ways to help achieve personal wellness goals.

Blood Testing:

Blood draws can be completed initially at the annual wellness fair (open enrollment). Subsequent testing must be ordered through Employee Health and Wellness and completed in the FCMH Laboratory. Approved labs include cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, AIC (for diabetics), and PSA (for men).

Body Fat percentage:

Bioelectrical impedance or opposition to the flow of an electric current through body tissues is used to calculate an estimate of total body water. Then the total body weight is used to estimate fat-free body mass and by difference of body weight, body fat.

In addition to body fat, blood pressure, waist girth and weight can all be completed initially at the wellness fair (open enrollment) or subsequently within Employee Health and Wellness. Any of these measures can be checked periodically for the employee’s data collection purposes.

Health Coaching

A structured, supportive partnership between the participant and the coach to help effectively motivate behavior change. Goal setting, identification of obstacles and use of personal support systems are part of the process that provides the framework for lifestyle change. Sessions are available to the employees free of charge.

Health Enhancement Programs

Physical Activity: Campus Walking Path, events such as Walk a Mile a Day in May and discounted rates at local fitness facilities

Nutrition: Offer options like diabetic classes, At Work Weight Watchers and Biggest Loser competitions

Annual Wellness and Benefit Fair: biometric screenings, flu shots, giveaways