Access Notice

Fayette County Memorial Hospital and all of its programs and activities are accessible to and useable by disabled persons, including persons with impaired hearing and vision. Access features include:

• Convenient off-street parking designated specifically for disabled persons.

• Curb cuts and ramps between parking areas and buildings.

• Level access into first floor level with elevator access to all patient floors.

• Fully accessible offices, meeting rooms, bathrooms, public waiting areas, cafeteria, patient treatment areas, including examining rooms and patient wards.

• A full range of assistive and communication aids provided to persons with impaired hearing, vision, speech, or manual skills, without additional charge for such aids. Some of these aids include:

◦ qualified sign language interpreters for the deaf.

◦ a twenty-four (24) hour telecommunication device for the deaf (TTY/TDD) which can connect the caller to all extensions within the facility and/or portable (TTY/TDD) units for use by hearing or speech impaired patients/clients.

◦ readers and taped material for the blind and large print materials for the visually impaired.

◦ assistive devices for persons with impaired manual skills.

If you require any of the aids listed above, please let any staff member know.